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A glacial lake and part of the glacier, peaks in the background

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An alpine lake

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A photograph of the shore taken from on or across a body of water. Many structures and hotels on the shore and two craggy peaks in the background.
A house or building on the shore of a lake with a fountain in the center
A turreted structure with stairs, columns and open sides on an island in a lake, reached by a small bridge. There are statues and shaped bushes on the lawn around it and a fountain in the lake.
A structure on the shore of a frozen body of water
A man in a coat and hat and carrying a walking stick standing on a frozen lake. Men and women are ice skating around him and there is a small structure in the background.
Men, women and children ice skating on a frozen lake or pond, a small structure in the background
A woman standing on the opposite shore of a small pond
A man with an alpenstock standing on a rock in front of a lake
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