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A man resting against a rock, wearing goggles and holding a camera in his lap
A mountaineer crouched in the snow near a tent
A man in glacier goggles and with an alpenstock in a glacial crevasse
Four climbers standing on a snowy slope wearing coats and hats, some in face masks, carrying ice axes and alpenstock
Two men standing on a snowy slope with rope, goggles and ice axes. Distant mountans in the background
A man in glacier goggles and a hat with rope tied about his waist on a steep rock face. To the left is a rock pinnacle.
A man climbing a jagged rock face, likely on Zinalrothorn, with rope around his waist. In the background is Weisshorn.
Three men in glacier goggles, seated on a rocky slope and drinking out of canteens and cups. Beside them are ropes, packs, alpenstock and other gear. In the backgroun is the Matterhorn
A man in glacier goggles and holding an alpenstock poses on the side of a rockface. In the background a glacier and peaks
A woman in a cape and glacier goggles standing in front of a wooden structure on the side of a slope.
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