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A small pile of gear just outside the entrance of a tent, photographed from inside the tent
A man in glacier goggles kneeling with a red pack in front of a tent

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Three men in glacier goggles sitting on their gear in the snow

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A group of expedition members in glacier goggles sitting in the snow and surrounded by gear and packs
A man in glacier goggles and parka, holding two poles with red and blue flags, respectively, in the snow and tied off to a rope
Nick Clinch with backpack and glacier goggles, wearing a hat and a bandana to shield his neck
Men in windbreakers and glacier goggles, one covered in suncreen, snowy slopes in the background

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Five men in glacier goggles sitting and standing on a snowy slope
Two men in glacier goggles, with rope and ice axes standing in the snow
A man laying down in a tent, wearing glacier goggles

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