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A squared off peak and snowy slope
A river in the forest and mountains in the background
Second peak of Sugarloaf Mountain with Mount Butters, Mount Ahab and Mount Proteus in the background
Andrew James Gilmour and, in the foreground, a porcupine on a moraine
Two climbers, one holding an alpenstock on a rock face. The second walking up a large snowridge toward the first.
Andrew James Gilmour with alpenstock climbing the face of a large boulder
Andrew James Gilmour standing on a boulder above an icefield, mountain slopes in the background
A man standing on a rock out cropping and looking back at the camera, high peaks in the background
Andrew James Gilmour standing atop a snowy peak, leaning on his alpenstock
Mount Fox and Mount Dawson in the background, photographed from the North
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