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Photograph of a climber near a bergschrund surrounded by rock faces and ice.
Photograph of an unidentified climber on Gannett Peak taken from the North ridge of Mount Helen.
Photograph of two unidentified climbers from the back, sitting on rock outcroppings and admiring the view of the valley below them and mountain range in the distance.
Photograph of three climbers hiking through the snow with axes.
Photograph of three climbers using ropes and axes to cross the bergschrund on the SE face of Gannett.
Photograph of Elmina Buhl crossing the bergschrund on Gannett using rope and an axe.
Photograph of Gannett Peak taken from Harding Saddle
Photograph of the rocky peaks from above.
Photograph of a field with Gannett Peak visible in the distance.
Photograph of rocky peaks from above.
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