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Photograph of a branch of the glacier at the top of a rocky hillside.
Photograph of snow covered rocks on Fremont glacier.
Photograph of Fremont Peak from Mount Helen.
Photograph of the South West view from the North East ridge of Fremont Peak.
Photograph taken from Fremont glacier of the North face of Fremont Peak, covered in snow.
Photograph of the bergschrund below the North West ridge of Fremont, a rock face is visible through the snowy crevasse.
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood dropping into Fremont bergschrund with a rope.
Panoramic photograph showing the snow covered top of Fremont Peak and Mount Helen.
Photograph of the North Ridge of Fremont Peak.
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood, Elmina Buhl and Hermann Buhl standing in the snow with axes, looking at a rocky ridge to their left.
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