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A man traverses a crack on a smooth rock face. (location unknown)
Portrait view of many people climbing a snow filled couloir.
Close-up of a dozen people occupying a broken rock face. Several people belay a woman up a problem.
Six climbers negotiate vertical crack in center of image.
Unroped climber on rock wall in center of image.
Climber stands on 70 degree rock face.
A man standing on a rocky high point, across a small gorge is an second rocky peak. Longs Peak in the background.
A bearded man wearing gloves and a hat uses a rope to climb a sheer rock face. The rope is held by a man in a hat sitting on a ledge above. Longs Peak in the background.
Climbers using rope and ice axes to ascent the snowy slopes of Mount Baker.
Five climbers ascending in the snow on Mount Baker.
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