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A view down a winter valley.
A view in a village of large buildings across a river which is crossed by a street bridge. Alps in the background.
A man in a tuxedo standing in the snowy street and looks through an instrument of some kind. A large building in the right hand part of the photo.
A woman in a dark colored dress and ice skates takes a handkerchief out of her muff while standing on the ice of a body of water. Behind her, some men and women skate and a group of three women sit on a bench to watch.
A statue in Chamonix of Horace Benedict de Saussure and Jacques Balmat looking at Mont Blanc. Behind them, a Hotel D'Angleterre and the roads of Chamonix.
A train at a station
View of a mountain from across a snowy field. A road in the midground.

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A church with tall steeple at the end of a lane with a small stone wall along the right hand side.

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A view of the street with pedestrians and carriages, buildings on either side.
Two indistinct figures cross an overpass above a road with an empty carriage parked along it.
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