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Formal photograph of Annie Peck. Date and author are unknown.

Photograph of Agnes Vaille, one unidentified man and five unidentified women seated at on a peak posing for the photo. Photographer unknown. Early 20th century.

Photograph of Agnes Vaille seated at a table near a window. Echo Lake trip, January 26-27, 1924. Early 20th century, photographer unknown.

Photograph of Agnes Vaille and others on Mount Logan or Mount Epaulet, which are in the Mount Evans Wilderness, near Georgetown, Colorado. From the pages label "Logan-Epaulet Trip" in Vaille's scrapbook, dated June 21-22, 1924, photographer unknown.

Photograph of Agnes Vaille standing on a rocky slope with two unidentified climbers. Early 20th century, photographer unknown.

Photograph of Agnes Vaille and two others standing on a snowy ridge with ice axe and gear. Photographer unknown. Early 20th century.

Copy of resolution passed by the American Alpine Club at an Annual Meeting in Baltimore on January 2nd, 1909. The resolution states that an AAC Committee of the Society should be appointed to find out the height of Mt. Huascaran in Peru.

A clipping from the New York Tribune dated Friday, January 21, 1910 which covers the story of the controversy between Annie Peck and Fanny Bullock Workman over Annie's ascent of Mt. Huascaran.

Photograph of Annie Peck in climbing gear, face obscured by goggles and mask. She is standing with four other people in similar dress, one of whom holds a flag. They are on Coropuna in Peru, in 1911. Photographer unknown.

Peck Pamphlet.pdf
A pamphlet advertising lectures by Annie Peck on her climb of Mt. Huascaran.
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