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A man walking across a snow patch on a talus and boulder field on Donkin Pass
A cluster of snow mushroom formations, snowy trees in the background
A high peak and, in the foreground, a river and glacier
Three climbers roped up and ascending a glacier with ice axes, seracs right behind them
The town of Chamonix shown at the base of Mont Blanc
Three climbers shown in silhouette, roped up and ascending the Glacier du Geant on Mont Blanc
Rocky outcroppings extruding from the snow pack near the peak of Mont Blanc
Two men standing on a summit near a snow-covered structure and a third standing a bit further down the slope. Further down below, is the Vallot hut.
A climber standing on top of a stone pinnacle with Aiguille du Maine and glacier in the background
A glacier on the side of Aiguille du Midi taken from Chamonix - in the foreground are hotels and streets of a small settlement
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