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A man climbs the steep face of a cliff. A valley and distant mountains in the background.
Several people are gathered around a small wooden cabin in a meadow with a sign reading "Sierra Club Public Welcome." Several of the people are drinking out of cups, in the background a man fills another's cup from a container. In the background areā€¦
A small pond is in the foreground, behind it and in the center of the photograph is a tall pine tree. Behind the tree, a short expanse of meadow and Lamberts Dome in the background.
A river in the foreground, flowing towards the camera. Lamberts Dome in the background.
A photograph taken down a mountain slope dotted with trees, a small glacial lake at the bottom.
A photograph down a valley towards a lake.
Tuolumne Meadow in the foreground with Cathedral Peak in the background.
View of Cathedral Rocks with river in foreground. very strong reflections of background in the river. Evergreen trees on riverbanks.
Cathedral Rocks, estimated about 1/2 mile distant in the background. River in foreground. Strong reflections of Rocks in the river.
Cathedral Rocks a few hundred yards distant with river in the foreground. Evergreen trees on both banks. Flowing water.
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