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Lake occupies center of image. Overexposed peaks occupy the background.
Portrait view of Mt. Huxley showing north couloir filled with snow. Six persons stand in front of glacial lake in foreground. Strong shadows.
Palisade wall dominates the image. Bergshrund visible all along wall.
High contrast panorama (about 4:1) with mountain range in background that is reflected in foreground lake. Snow fills the couloirs.
Portrait view of lake in lower foreground. Rugged rock arete occupies image background.
Two men walk along the canyon floor at an unknown location. Rocky peak dominates the background.
High contrast, portrait view of peak in background. Lake occupies foreground.
Heavily laden horses and mules traverse the pass in deep snow. Muleskinners accompany the animals. Bright cumulus clouds in the background.
A long line of people descend the pass on mixed rock and snow.
A man, face in shadow, teeters on the edge of a downsloping rock.
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