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Snow covered slopes of Mount
Kaweah occupy background in left, left center of image. Man wearing a hat is seated on large scree blocks looking away from camera in right, lower right foreground.
Portrait view on the flanks of Black Kaweah looking downhill. Two men wearing hats sit on scree facing away from the camera. Strong shadows.
Climber stands on 70 degree rock face.
Unroped climber on rock wall in center of image.
Six climbers negotiate vertical crack in center of image.
Portrait view of Mt. Huxley showing north couloir filled with snow. Six persons stand in front of glacial lake in foreground. Strong shadows.
Close-up of a dozen people occupying a broken rock face. Several people belay a woman up a problem.
Two people walk toward left of image on snow. Peak with strong lighting occupies the background. Lake appears on right. Cumulus clouds overhead.
Portrait view of many people climbing a snow filled couloir.
A man traverses a crack on a smooth rock face. (location unknown)
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