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A train goes over a mountain bridge.
Expedition porters carry boxes of supplies over a chain bridge above a small river.
A small river with people standing on the far side and boxes of supplies on the near side. A bridge made of chains hangs partially broken.
A group of expedition members cross a small river on a bridge.
A group of expedition members crossing a bridge over a small river, taken from above.
A stone bridge across a river surrounded on both banks by buildings, in the background is a small hill with two large houses on top
A covered bridge across a river. Structures on both shores surrounding the river. A large stone structure with towers in on the left side of the frame and a suspension bridge stretches across a valley between two hills with towers on them.
An old building made of stone and wood, accessed by a bridge reaching across a river. In the background is a church and other structures.
A tall bridge of stone and steel stretches high above a river in the background. A straight line of trees on the shore of the river in the foreground, and a large building on the opposite shore.
A photograph of a vine covered stone bridge and several buildings in a valley, mountains rising in the background.
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