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A climber heading up the verticle rocks of Long Gables, rope trailing behind him
Photographed from above, Phil Long descends the vertical rock face of Long Gables in a backpack holding his ice axe
Pete Schoening, photographed from below, climbing up a verticle face on Long Gables
Brian Marts climbing ice and snow up Long Gables with ice axe and crampons
Barry Corbet rock climbing a steep rock face on Mount Tyree, carrying a backpack and wearing crampons
A climber making his or her way up a rock face, rope tied about him or her
A climber ascending a rock face with ice axe and rope
A man with an alpenstock climbing a rocky ridge, back to the camera
Andrew James Gilmour with alpenstock climbing the face of a large boulder
Two men climbing up a steep cliff with packs, rope and rifle
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