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Two men standing on a summit near a snow-covered structure and a third standing a bit further down the slope. Further down below, is the Vallot hut.
A man leans on a bench outside a stone alpine hut
A man sitting on the foundation of a hut perched on the side of a steep slope. A valley and high peaks in the distance.
A man sitting on the stone steps of a hut, mountains in the background
Three men standing in front of a wooden alpine hut with two diamond shaped windows near the peak of the roof. In the background a tall cliff
An alpine hut made of stone with a wooden roof built against a stone cliff
Three men standing outside a wooden alpine hut, a valley and mountain in the background
Three people outside an alpine hut a large peak in the background across a valley
Two men standing in the doorway of one of two alpine huts partially obscured by a snowy slope. In the background a large rock pinnacle.
Three men walking up a snowy slope toward a high ledge with an alpine hut on it. The photo is taken from a distance across a valley
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