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Expedition party showing about two dozen people and about 12 pack animals in the foreground. University Peak upper left in background. Taken from nearly the same location as image P1.CA1.075.
University Peak in background with intervening peak upper right. Bearded man sitting on lichen-covered scree in center foreground. Taken from nearly the same location as image P1.CA1.077.
View looking southwest toward Laurel Mountain and Bloody Mountain. Shows west end of Convict Lake with mountains and canyon in the background, trees and scrub in the foreground. Weak shadows. Clearly visible synclines and anticlines in theā€¦
Tuolumne Meadow in the foreground with Cathedral Peak in the background.
A photograph down a valley towards a lake.
A photograph taken down a mountain slope dotted with trees, a small glacial lake at the bottom.
A river in the foreground, flowing towards the camera. Lamberts Dome in the background.
A small pond is in the foreground, behind it and in the center of the photograph is a tall pine tree. Behind the tree, a short expanse of meadow and Lamberts Dome in the background.
A shallow pool of water in the foreground, tall vertical rock cliffs in the background.
Four men - three sitting among rocks on the summit and one standing nearby holding a pipe.
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