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A man and a woman stand in the foreground in a dry wash surrounded by massive rounded stones. an arete is visible in the right background.
Portrait view of two men hunting in the bottom of Valdez canyon. Large pinnacle appears center background.
Portrait view of man standing in scrub in foreground. Vertical rock occupies the center background.
Portrait view of two men in the foreground, seated on grassy ground, facing away from camera. Large rock buttress occupies center background.
Portrait view of several vertical rock pinnacles in the center background. Automobiles and tents are concealed in trees in the foreground.
Portrait view taken from some elevation of a large rock buttress in the center background. Downhill is a buckboard without horses parked next to a road. Two women occupy the right foreground.
Man standing at the base of a rock face, center. Larger rock walls in the right background. Strong shadows.
Six men in foreground looking up Bear Gulch. Camera is pointed up-sun, causing background to be hazy. Additional figures seated in center.
Keeler Needles. Mts. Muir and Langley in distance. Looking south-east from summit of Whitney.
Well lit image of a lava tube cave.
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