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Kern Ridge photographed from Mount Whitney. The pinnacle of Milestone Mountain is visible on the right.
An alpine lake glistening in the sunlight, surrounded by distant peaks.
A woman lies on her back on a steep rock slope. Above her on the slope a pair of boots are visible. A group of people sit on the ground below her. In the background is the spray from a waterfall.
Close-up of falls from below.
Portrait view of Wapama Fall with trees in the foreground. Haze disturbs the background.
Wapama Fall peaks through the trees with a high rock buttress in the background. Falls Creek occupies the foreground. Moderate reflections in river. Haze in background.
High contrast image of Wapama Falls.
High contrast panorama (about 4:1) with mountain range in background that is reflected in foreground lake. Snow fills the couloirs.
A man holding a stick from which two trout are hung.
A short waterfall in the Merced RIver spilling onto rocks below.
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