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Volcanic eruption of Lassen Peak, taken near midday, illuminated from behind, estimated 4-5 miles distant. Touring cars occupy the foreground. Strong shadows.
Remarkable image of the eruption, illuminated from the right, showing the ash cloud. Inscription on image refers to the appearance of the ash cloud as "Vulcan's Face" which can be seen facing the left.
Lassen Peak eruption showing large rock in left foreground. Rock is annotated "Hot Rock". View toward the peak shows a debris flow from the crater. Sections of the image are overexposed.
Image shows snow covered peak with debris flows clearly delineated. Flows appear to be on top of the snow cover.
Two underexposed men stand beside grossly overexposed hot spring. Steam obscures objects in center of image.
What appears to be a fresh cinder cone occupies the center of the image.
High contrast image of Wapama Falls.
Portrait view of Wapama Fall with trees in the foreground. Haze disturbs the background.
Wapama Fall peaks through the trees with a high rock buttress in the background. Falls Creek occupies the foreground. Moderate reflections in river. Haze in background.
High contrast image of the cliff walls rising out of sight to the left. Trees in foreground.
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