Andrew James Gilmour


Andrew James Gilmour


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Andrew James Gilmour (1871-1941) was born in New York and attended university at Yale. He received a degree in medicine from College of Physicians and Surgeons (Columbia) in 1899 and after interning at St. John’s Hospital, Brooklyn, and at Sloan Maternity Hospital, New York, he studied at the University of Gottingen and in hospitals in Vienna. Shortly after commencing practice in New York in 1903, he enlisted in the hospital corps of the Thirteenth Regiment, National Guard, and became captain. He worked as a dermatologist and was associated for years with Cornell Medical College and a consultant to the Englewood Hospital and the Manhattan State Hospital.

Gilmour climbed in the Alps, the Pyrenees, the American and Canadian Rockies, Wales and the Lake District, Mexico, and the Cascades, as well as peaks in the Eastern United States. In 1905 he did his first ascent in what would be a long career of alpinism, on Gross Glockner. His climbing resume includes first ascents of Mt. Alexander, Mt. Butters and Mt. Geikie and Mt. Edith Cavell.

He was a member of the American Alpine Club for many years and served on the Council for one term. He also donated his collection colored lantern slides, which were used to illustrate a series of one hundred lectures that he delivered. He also belonged to the Canadian, Swiss and French Alpine Clubs, the Appalachian Mountain, Fresh Air and Explorers Clubs and was a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of London. He died on March 9th, 1941, in New York after an illness.



The Eastern United States, Canadian Rockies, France, Italy, Switzerland especially the Alps, 1905 to 1935


Andrew James Gilmour




The American Alpine Club


circa 1905 to 1935


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V.A.F's room Erith
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V.A.F's room Erith
A photograph of a chair and table near a fireplace. A handgun hangs on the wall.
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