Nicholas B. Clinch 1966 American Antarctic Mountaineering Expedition

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Nicholas B. Clinch 1966 American Antarctic Mountaineering Expedition
Vinson Massif First Ascents


Nicholas B. Clinch


1966 to 1967

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VX-6 chopper at our service, McMurdo
Several men lining up to board a large orange helicopter

Silverstein at Scott
Sam Silverstein standing near and looking at a large wooden cross, the sun breaking through the clouds and illuminating the sea below

A small square structure made of corrugated steel with supplies piled against the side

Adele penguins at Cape Royds
A large group of Adélie penguins standing on a stony rise

Clinch making sure that the troops are still behind him
A man in a black coat standing and driving a snowmobile, Nick Clinch sitting next to him and looking behind them at the sledges and men in tow

Hauling oil drum across polar plateau, repair stop
Two men with a snowmobile and sledge carrying an oil drum across the flat, snowy expanse of the polar plateau

Polar plateau, tracks, fog, man.
A man in a red parker walking along snowmobile and sledge tracks through the snow of the polar plateau

Long Gables party with Marts at left listening to 6pm radio call from summit of Tyree, top of Gardner Couloir visible at far right
Brian Marts standing near a snowmobile connected to two sledges, two men in orange sitting and standing respectively at the last sledge, looking towards the mountain range in the background

Long, thinking
Bill Long in a tent with his chin in his hand

Long, Fukushima
Bill Long and Barry Corbet among sleeping bags in a tent, on either side of a sleeping bag containing Eiichi Fukushima's feet
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