Misc 1913-1917

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Misc 1913-1917
Colorado Mountain Club Scrapbook Misc 1913-1917

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Colorado Mountain Club Scrapbook 1913-1917

Prairie Club Beach House - Dunes
A small house photographed through thick trees

A Dune Blowout
Sand dune covered with shrubs

Buried forest
A group of trees partially buried in sand

Ready to start fishing trip in Taylor Park
About ten men and women standing in a field with three donkeys laden with supplies

American Lake (11,500 ft)
A lake with wooded shores

Cathedral Peak and Lake (11,842 ft)
The East face of Cathedral Peak and Cathedral Lake below

Page title: "Aspen Outing Aug 10-25-1917"
A number of tents in a valley, campfire smoke visible

Page title: "Robin's Nest" Dec 30-31-Jan. 1st 1917
A group of men and women standing in a snowy field

Loch Vale
An alpine lake with high ridges in the distance
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