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A dachshund sitting on the railing of the front steps of a house

A photograph of a brick house with a dachshund sitting on the railing of the front steps

A man and a woman sitting on a park bench while a child plays on the grass in front of them. The lawn is set up with croquet wickets and a large building is visible over the trees in the background.

A horse with a driverless carriage standing in the middle of a street near a lamp post. A brick wall and separates the street from a private home.

A photograph of a large brick building from across a lawn. Several people are gathered around a bicycle and some are sitting on a bench or walking along a path.

The shore of a body of water with many small boats on the beach. In the distance are two lighthouses and rowhouses on the left side of the frame

A river or inlet in a city or town. Many small rowboats on the water filled with people. In the background is a large cargo ship. In the foreground, a man in a white hat helps a woman out of a row boat on to shore.

A terraced hillside in a city or town. A large building with turrets is visible straight ahead, and below, a beach with a promenade

Several ships in harbor with a lighthouse in the background

A view down an alley or narrow street. A small shopfront with a sign reading "Shipping Gazette" and, above it, another reading "Three Mariners Inn." Next to the sign is a figurehead of a woman. An advertisement on the wall on the right reads…
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