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American Mount Everest Expedition 1963


Arizona 1900 to 1930


Photos of Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, Canyon del Muerto, Casa Grande, Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, Marble Canyon, Painted Desert taken…

Contributors: LeRoy Jeffries

Bradford Washburn Photographs

Bradford Washburn (1910-2007) built a career as a distinguished mountaineer, photographer, and professional cartographer. He is best known for his…

California 1900 to 1930


Contributors: LeRoy Jeffries

Canada 1900 to 1930


Contributors: LeRoy Jeffries

Colorado 1900 to 1930


Contributors: LeRoy Jeffries

Hawaii 1900 to 1930


Contributors: LeRoy Jeffries

John Evans Historic Climbing Journals now available online

Featuring Journals and a photo gallery from the following expeditions: Logan 1965 Vinson & Tyree 1966-1967 Everest 1971 The Pamirs 1974 Nanda Devi…

Kentucky 1900 to 1930


Contributors: LeRoy Jeffries