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New Hampshire 1900 to 1930


Contributors: LeRoy Jeffires

Montana 1900 to 1930

Contributors: LeRoy Jeffries

Hawaii 1900 to 1930


Contributors: LeRoy Jeffries

Colorado 1900 to 1930


Contributors: LeRoy Jeffries

California 1900 to 1930


Contributors: LeRoy Jeffries

Arizona 1900 to 1930


Photos of Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, Canyon del Muerto, Casa Grande, Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, Marble Canyon, Painted Desert taken…

Contributors: LeRoy Jeffries

Vittorio Sella Photographs

The Italian photographer and mountaineer Vittorio Sella (1859–1943) was one of the first photographers to merge primarily documentary mountaineering…

Bradford Washburn Photographs

Bradford Washburn (1910-2007) built a career as a distinguished mountaineer, photographer, and professional cartographer. He is best known for his…

John Evans Historic Climbing Journals now available online

Featuring Journals and a photo gallery from the following expeditions: Logan 1965 Vinson & Tyree 1966-1967 Everest 1971 The Pamirs 1974 Nanda Devi…

Women's History Collection

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