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Three men in red parkas making their way up a steep, snow covered slope with ice axes and rope
Three men anchoring a tent in the snow on an incline
A finding aid to the C. F. Judson Collection of Photographs of Swiss Mountains held at the Henry S. Hall, Jr., American Alpine Club Library.
Barry Corbet on a steep slope, rope leading toward the camera
Barry Corbet harnessed and strapped to a complicated rope set up, connected to a rock face in front of him - an ice axe placed in the snow
Brian Marts using his ice axe as he makes his way down the ice on Long Gables - to the left, Bill Long climbs down on a rock outcropping
Pete Schoening, Brian Marts and Bill Long, in red parkas and backpacks, making their way down Long Gables
Pete Schoening, Brian Marts and Bill Long making their way down rock and ice toward the lower ridge of Long Gables
A man silhouetted against the brighter face of Tyree, tracks in the snow leading back toward the camera
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