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Handwritten letter from Annie Peck to Henry G. Bryant on letterhead of the Clarendon Hotel in New York. The letter is dated January 4, 1909. In the letter, Peck requests information about the number of AAC members present at the meeting of the club…

Handwritten letter from Annie Peck to Henry G. Bryant. The letter is dated December 28, 1909 and in it, Peck discusses a cable from Mrs. Workman to the Alpine Club forwarded to her by Bryant and the elevation and measurement of Mt. Husscaran.

Handwritten letter from Annie Peck to Henry G. Bryant. The letter is dated December 31, 1908. The letter discusses the presentation of a lecture on mountaineering by Annie Peck.

Photograph of Annie Peck wearing a mountaineering outfit including rope and leaning on an ice ace. Promotion shot of Annie Peck after her 1895 ascent of the Matterhorn.

Photograph of Annie Peck in climbing gear, face obscured by goggles and mask. She is standing with four other people in similar dress, one of whom holds a flag. They are on Coropuna in Peru, in 1911. Photographer unknown.

Formal photograph of Annie Peck wearing the medal given to her by the Peruvian government for her ascent of Huascaran's north peak, ca. 1920s. Photographer unknown.

Formal photograph of Annie Peck. Date and author are unknown.

Copy of resolution passed by the American Alpine Club at an Annual Meeting in Baltimore on January 2nd, 1909. The resolution states that an AAC Committee of the Society should be appointed to find out the height of Mt. Huascaran in Peru.

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Copy of message sent from Fanny Bullock Workman to Henry G. Bryant, Secretary of the American Alpine Club. The message is dated December 23, 1909 and is sent from London to Philadelphia.

Handwritten letter from Dora Keen to Harrington Putnam. The letter is dated September 11, 1912 and is sent from the Hotel Frye in Seattle, WA. The letter discusses an ascent of Mt. McKinley by colleagues and how it compared to her ascent of Mt.…
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