Mountain Views Collection


Mountain Views Collection


circa 1900 to 1930


A collection of photographs from all over the United States and Canada, featuring the best locations for climbing, tourism and mountaineering. These photos were intended to be resources to help members of the AAC plan their trips. Now they serve as a historical record of some of the most iconic locations in North America.

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Grand Canyon near Yavapai Point
Snowy slope and trees, looking over the Grand Canyon.

Near El Tovar, Grand Canyon
A man in a hat jumps from a rock tower to a cliff nearby. He is in mid jump. The Grand Canyon is in the background.

Grand Canyon from Maracopa Point, one mile west of El Tovar
A view of the Grand Canyon covered in a dusting of snow.

"Suiside Rock" near Grand View, Grand Canyon
Two women and one men stand on a rock outcropping overlooking the Grand Canyon

Wotans Throne from Cape Royal, north rim. Grand Canyon
A man sits on a rock ledge looking over a Grand Canyon and the rock formation known as Wotans Throne

Grand Canyon. Upstream view of Colorado at camp 1/2 mile above mouth of Virgin River
Several men are setting up camp on the shore of the Colorado River, while others pull boats ashore and unload supplies. The shadow of the tripod camera and photographer are visible on the ground.

Big cave in right wall 1/2 mile upstream from Vaseys paradise, 31.4 miles below Paria River
A human figure in a hat is silhouetted through the opening to a cave, looking out onto the Colorado River

Grand Canyon. Looking into Canyon of Shinttino Creek
A man stands ankle deep in a stream at the bottom of a canyon.
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