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Handwritten letter from Dora Keen to Howard Palmer. The letter is dated October 18, 1911 and is sent from Philadelphia, PA. The letter describes Keen’s doings in Alaska, including her first unsuccessful climb of Mt. Blackburn. She also discusses a…

DoraKeen 6-8-1912.pdf
Handwritten letter from Dora Keen to Harrington Putnam, president of the American Alpine Club. The letter is dated June 8th, 1912 and is sent from McCarthy Alaska. The letter is a response to a recent telegram sent on behalf of the American Alpine…

Letter from Harrington Putnam, AAC President at the time, to Dora Keen dated June 1st, 1912 congratulating Dora Keen on her first ascent of Mt. Blackburn.

Photograph of two climbers on a snowy slope after a slide. A snowshoe is stuck in the snow uphill from the climbers. The caption, written in pencil on the front of the photograph reads: “Slide that come down - {indecipherable].” Date and author are…

Photograph of four men on a rocky slope with gear. Date is unknown, though likely about 1912.

Photograph of ice cliff and snow. Caption, handwritten in pencil on the front of the photo reads “Ice cliff - cause of avalanche in gulch.” Date is unknown though likely about 1912

Photograph of a snowy slope with avalanche route marked with pen. The caption, handwritten on the front of the photo reads: “Where an avalanche followed our ascent. 76° At 9000 ft.” No date is known, though it is likely about 1912.

A pamphlet advertising lectures on mountaineering and adventure by Dora Keen.

DoraKeen 1913.jpg
A photograph of Dora Keen.

Barbara Washburn and Bradford Washburn on summit of Mt Bertha, Alaska, 1940.
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