Letter from Peck to Henry G. Bryant 1909


Letter from Peck to Henry G. Bryant 1909


December 28, 1909


Handwritten letter from Annie Peck to Henry G. Bryant. The letter is dated December 28, 1909 and in it, Peck discusses a cable from Mrs. Workman to the Alpine Club forwarded to her by Bryant and the elevation and measurement of Mt. Husscaran.





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"My dear Mr. Bryant,
Many thanks for your kindness in sending me the copy of Mrs. Workman's cablegram. I had not been aware that her interest in my ascent of Huascarán extended so far, though I am not surprised. What fine thing it is to have plenty of money!
From the wording of the cable I conclude that Mrs. Workman has had a triangulation of Huascarán made by someone on the ground, though the coincidence of her figures 22187 with Reginald Enoch's 22180 is remarkable.
Since the resolution of the Alpine Club in regard to the exaggerated reports as to the height of Huascarán was passed previous to hearing any statement from me (I believe the words 'by the press of the country' were not in the original resolution) and as I have been ignored in any investigation that the committee appointed for the purpose may have made, it would be superfluous for me to make any comments now.
I can only feel a slight degree of amusement in contrasting the very critical attitude of the Club towards my climb with their easy acceptance of Dr. Cook's improbable story of his ascent of Mt. McKinley, backed neither by photographic evidence nor any other, although he had never climbed a mountain of any sort before. Doubtless I have reason to be thankful that the fact itself has not been questioned of my reaching the summit of a peak at least higher than Mt. McKinley, whatever may be its precise altitude.
May I beg you to present my compliments to the members and guests of the Alpine Club assembled in Boston with my best wishes for a delightful meeting of which the list of distinguished guests gives ample assurance.
Yours very truly
Annie S. Peck"

Original Format

Correspondence, handwritten on paper.




“Letter from Peck to Henry G. Bryant 1909,” The Collections of the American Alpine Club Library, accessed October 19, 2020, http://library.americanalpineclub.org/items/show/37.

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