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In the foreground, the photograph is framed by two tree trunks, framing a river and a road with a period car parked on it. Two people stand on logs near the bank of the river. In the background, a few structures are visible and behind them, trees and…

A man sits in a car parked in a dusty field with Mount Whitney in the background.

A man and two women drive an old flatbed truck loaded with duffle bags down a dirt road.

A road with many hairpin turns winding down a mountain. In the foreground, trees and the shoulder of a road.

Touring car containing several people drives away from camera through scree slope on one-lane gravel road. Rugged peaks occupy the background.

Touring car containing six people watch a seventh fishing nearby. Mountain with snow filled couloirs occupies background. Strong shadows.

Volcanic eruption of Lassen Peak, taken near midday, illuminated from behind, estimated 4-5 miles distant. Touring cars occupy the foreground. Strong shadows.

Portrait view of several vertical rock pinnacles in the center background. Automobiles and tents are concealed in trees in the foreground.

A photograph of the Keyhole on Longs Peak.

Up a dirt road on a slope, an early automobile near the top of the rise.
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