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Two cars parked near a shelter structure near a river, horses grazing in the background

Torrey Lakes Club.jpg
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood with Elmina Buhl, Carl Blaurock and

At Beck's Cabin on Torrey Creek.jpg
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood Carl Blaurock and Herman Buhl standing in front of a car.

Two people in a convertible driving on a dirt road along a river in the bottom of a canyon, rock walls rising on either side.

A tall rock wall formation with an early automobile parked in front, the passengers and driver looking at the rock wall.

A dirt road with an early automobile driving along it. On the right, sheer stone cliffs.

Four people standing around an early automobile in the desert. In the background, Ship Rock is near the horizon.

Looking down on road with canyon overlook.

A tall and narrow rock formation on the right side of the frame.

Mount Sneffles photographed from across a wide valley. In the foreground a road with an early automobile on it.
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