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A man climbs the steep face of a cliff. A valley and distant mountains in the background.

Several people are gathered around a small wooden cabin in a meadow with a sign reading "Sierra Club Public Welcome." Several of the people are drinking out of cups, in the background a man fills another's cup from a container. In the background areā€¦

A small pond is in the foreground, behind it and in the center of the photograph is a tall pine tree. Behind the tree, a short expanse of meadow and Lamberts Dome in the background.

A river in the foreground, flowing towards the camera. Lamberts Dome in the background.

Tuolumne Meadow in the foreground with Cathedral Peak in the background.

In the foreground, a meadow lake and in the distance the Unicorn Peak.

A man sitting on a rock outside a rustic stone structure surrounded by trees.
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