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Mount Tyree photographed from Camp Two, in shadow - Tents, supplies and ice axes plantedin the snow.

Mount Tupper and a slope covered in foliage. On the right of the frame is a tarp or tent.

Timberline Camp at Dinwoody Canyon.jpg
Photograph of Elmina Buhl sitting on a rock near a tent, possibly writing in a journal.

The Mess Tent.jpg
Photograph of the Colorado Mountain Club mess tent at the camp in Chicago Basin.

Two women and a horse standing in front of a peaked wooden frame, backs to the camera. In the background are tents and forest.

Two men standing near a tent pitched in the woods, one holding a rope. Nearby, an ice axe is stuck into the ground.

Four or five white tents and a man standing among them. Mountains in the background.

Two tents in blowing snow

A collection of five white tents with campfire smoke and laundry hung to dry. In the background Mt. Odaray.

Sheepherders' Camp.jpg
Photograph of two unidentified people standing with a canvas tent.
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