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A tent is pitched on the floor of a canyon, a tall, narrow waterfall in the background. Three horses are clustered together near the tent and two men watch from below as a third climbs a rock near the falls.

A tent, three horses, and a human sit at base of a waterfall in foreground of image. A human stands on a large rock halfway up the waterfall.

Tent campsite overlooking valley surrounded by hazy mountains.

Members of the Canadian Alpine Club standing among tents, with mountains in the background.

A collection of five white tents with campfire smoke and laundry hung to dry. In the background Mt. Odaray.

Seven mountaineers with rope, ice-axes and alpenstock standing in front of Mount Adams

A man and a yellow tent on a snowy slope

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Several men in a large white tent pitched on scree

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A woman in a yellow parka and red hat standing outside a tent

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A photo of a camp, taken from above, with many porters and mountaineers sitting on slopes or standing among tents and supply crates.
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