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Mount Tupper and a slope covered in foliage. On the right of the frame is a tarp or tent.

A brown bear photographed from the back, walking toward a parked car on the other side of a patch of snow

A tent with supplies and laundry surroundingit. Two people are standing near a table with a box or crate on it and two others are walking away from camp along a path.

A white tent pitched near a creek at the base of a talus pile

Two men standing near a tent pitched in the woods, one holding a rope. Nearby, an ice axe is stuck into the ground.

A dirt road lined with large whte tents. A car and pedestrians on the far end.

A dirt road lined with large white tents with men sitting in front of them. Two men with large back packs stand on the road.

Four or five white tents and a man standing among them. Mountains in the background.

An Alpine Club of Canada camp with many smaller tents grouped around the large mess tent in the center

A group of small white tents with a forest and a large mountain ridge in the background
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