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Mount Robson photographed from near the foot of Rearguard Mountain. In the lower left corner, a tent.

Several tents pitched near a stand of trees with Mount Robson in the background

Misc 1913-1917012.jpg
A large group of men and women milling around outside a log cabin among the smoke from campfires

Seven mountaineers with rope, ice-axes and alpenstock standing in front of Mount Adams

Misc 1913-1917030.jpg
A baseball game in a field, tents in the background

Misc 1913-1917062.jpg
A number of tents in a valley, campfire smoke visible

Double exposure of humans and tents

A tent pitched on the shore of a river, trees and mountains in the background

Three men standing in front of a tent and a fourth kneeling, possibly to adjust his boots.

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A large group of people sitting on logs arranged in a large circle. Tents nearby.
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