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Two men examine a large balanced rock which looms above them to their left.

Five cabins and a wooden structure sit at the base of the cliffs of Hermit Peak. A group of humans and horses stands near the cabins.

A man stands looking over a precipice, part of a ruined structure behind him.

A ruined structure nestled in the wall of a canyon.

A ruined circular structure of medium height in the foreground with horse riders in the distance of the canyon.

Ruins of Anasazi cliff dwelling nestled in a crevasse in a huge cliff face.

Ruins of a structure, only the square outline of rooms and walls on the floor of the desert. One small section of brick wall.

In the foreground, the photograph is framed by two tree trunks, framing a river and a road with a period car parked on it. Two people stand on logs near the bank of the river. In the background, a few structures are visible and behind them, trees and…

Man (park ranger?) on top on wall ruins next to cliff

A man stands in front of cliff ruins, at the edge of a precipice.
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