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Several persons near a stone hut with glacier and rock formation behind.

Cabins at the Torrey Lake Club.jpg
Photograph of several cabin in the snow.

Riders and Cabins at Torrey Lake.jpg
Photograph of two unidentified men on horseback in front of two cabin with hills in the background.

The Cabin.jpg
Photograph of a wooden cabin on a mountain slope North of Cinnamon Pass at 13,000 feet.

A cobhouse surrounded by trees. A woman in a dress stands at the gate.

A woman stands behind an iron fence surrounding a large building. From a third story window, a string of flags hangs down into the front garden.

A river or canal with brick structures on the left side and a tree lined road on the right side.

A river with two buildings in the background

A river or canal flows past an elevated street which crosses over a bridge. Pedestrians pass on the street and a horse and carriage are driven through the river. A large square clock tower and row houses in the background.

Two men walk on the street past a thatch roofed structure with a sign reading "Crab Hotel"
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