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A photograph of a marmot on a group of rocks.
A silver river winding through a plain toward a mountain in the distance.
Photograph of a man suspended by a rope from a snow overhang using an alpenstock to pull himself up. Above him are two men straining to hold the rope and pull him up.
A woman in a skirt and hat stands at the top of the glacier with her hands clasped behind her back, facing away from the camera toward the peak to the South of the glacier - Mt. Hallett.
Photograph of a man and a dog sitting on a rock near a pine tree, looking at the view.
Scrub bushes and juniper growing near timberline on Long's Peak.
Three men standing on the front steps of a wooden cabin, Longs Peak visible in the background.
Three men stand on the porch of a wooden cabin. In the foreground are small pine trees. Behind them, the summit of Longs Peak
Photograph of a cabin on a slope with large logs stacked on one side of it. A man in a coat and a hat stands on the porch of the cabin with a horse nearby. Longs Peak is in the background.
A man and a woman on high ledge looking at Longs Peak from across the Chasm. The woman is in a light colored dress and sits on the ledge. The man is in a darker jacket and stands next to her.
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