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A rocky shoreline and a ship in the distance
Rocky outcroppings near the ocean

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A dock and a floating pier in the ocean, boats in the water beyond and bathers and people relaxing on the dock in the foreground.
A large ship with many smaller boats near it in the water. In the foreground, are for or five people swimming.
A man on a rocky shore at the edge of the water, his back to the camera and partially bent over perhaps picking up a rock. There are many boats on the water and a pier in the middle distance with men and women walking along it.
A woman and two men sitting on a beach lined with palm trees with a large structure in the background.
View of a beach lined with palm trees and buildings. Men and women walk along sidewalks or admire the view from decks. Mountains in the background.
Buildings on top of sheer cliffs above an ocean or other body of water
A ship at dock
View of buildings on the shore of an ocean
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