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A man climbing through near-verticle ice and looking over his shoulder and below at clouds forming at the foot of the ridge on Long Gables

Dick Wahlstrom and John Evans climbing the ridge toward the summit

The sun disappearing as it passes behind a stony, bare peak

John Evans roped up at the top of a snowy ridge crest, just about to begin a rappel down the slope of Mount Gardner, three other men standing nearby at the top

Three men in red parkas roped together as they walk up a snow covered ridge

Robert Hyman discusses the Teton Climber's Ranch, general climbing, Robert Hyman's personal experiences.

A man, roped off and carrying a backpack, climbing up over the apex of a ridge

Two mountaineers in backpacks, roped together and holding tow ice axes each, crossing a plane of ice

Brian Marts climbing ice and snow up Long Gables with ice axe and crampons

Oral history interview conducted with Jim Whittaker at the 2013 American Alpine Club Annual Benefit Dinner. Mr. Whittaker speaks about the 1963 American Mount Everest Expedition, conservation and his love of climbing and mountaineering and for theā€¦
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