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A body of water with a boat crossing it. Mount Moran in the background.

Mount Moran from across Jackson Lake, the peak covered in clouds.

View of Mount Moran, a field with a fallen log in the foreground.

The view of Mount Moran from across Jenny Lake.

The Teton Mountains rise above a plain covered in sage brush.

The Teton Range viewed from across Jackson Lake. A canoe with a few people in it floats on the lake.

A view of the Teton Range including Grand Teton, Mount Moran, Mount St. John and Mount Woodring from across Jackson Lake.

A view of Grand Teton, Mount Moran, Mount St. John, Mount Woodring and Rockchuck Peak from across Jackson Lake.

Ted Vaill speaks about his experiences as a climber and as a member of the American Alpine Club. He talks about his early life and how he got started climbing, as well as how he became involved with the American Alpine Club. Vaill also speaks about…
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