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A man with a large backpack with ropes making his way down a steep vertical mountain face

Two men, a fair distance apart, makint their way down a snowy slope, attached to ropes and carrying large backpacks

A man silhouetted against the brighter face of Tyree, tracks in the snow leading back toward the camera

Dick Wahlstrom and Eiichi Fukushima holding a banner reading National Geographic Society on the summit of Gardner

Three men in red parkas making their way up a steep, snow covered slope with ice axes and rope

A backpack and ice axe in the snow on Mount Gardner and a view of peaks and plains to the North

Mount Tyree photographed from Camp Two, in shadow - Tents, supplies and ice axes plantedin the snow.

Nick Clinch, Dick Wahlstrom and Sam Silverstein photographed in silhouette on a ridge, one sitting on his backpack and the other two putting down their own packs.

Two mountaineers in backpacks, roped together and holding tow ice axes each, crossing a plane of ice

Dick Wahlstrom in a large backpack trudging up the steep slope of the couloir, using his ice axe as a walking stick, photographed from above
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