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In the foreground, the arete of Mount Edith Cavell, the range across the Athabasca Valley in the background
A man standing at the foot of a snowy peak
The view to the North from Edith Cavell - a river winding through a valley and muntains in the distance.
A snowy cornice in the foreground and distant mountains in the background
View to the West from the summit of Edith Cavell, including peaks and distant ramparts
A man standing at the summit of a peak, back to the camera and tied to a rope by the waist and holding an ice axe. On his right an improvised flag is planted in the snow.
An arete on the summit of Mount Edith Cavell and mountains below
A snow-covered arete on Mount Edith Cavell
A snow-covered arete with a rock outcropping midway down
A cirque and glacier with peaks to the left
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