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A group of uniformed men sitting in the road wearing white Kepis with the number 86 printed on them. Dent du Geant and Pointe Helbronner in the background.
Mont Blanc from the Aosta Valley, Italy. A house or farm in the foreground.
Mont Blanc from the Aosta Valley, Italy
Roman ruins in Aosta.
The East side of the Porta Praetoria in Aosta. On the right side of the street a sign reads "Giuoco Bocce." Pedestrians are standing in the street and sitting in the shade in front of businesses.
A man standing in the street in front of the Porta Praetoria in Aosta Italy at a time when the Trinity chapel was still attached to the main structure. On the right of the fram a carriage and horses and on the left a woman sits at a small table.
The Arch of Augustus in Aosta, Italy.
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