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Several persons near a stone hut with glacier and rock formation behind.

Pack train of horses and riders crosses a snow field.

Cabin South of Matterhorn.jpg
Photograph of a man standing in front of a log cabin with mountains in the background.

Approaching Fremont Glacier.jpg
Photograph of a branch of the glacier at the top of a rocky hillside.

Ascending Helen Glacier.jpg
Photograph of three climbers hiking through a snow field with axes and packs.

Barton Hoag at the Summit of Uncompahgre.jpg
Photograph of Barton Hoag standing on top of ruins at the summits of Uncompahgre Peak, waving.

Cabin Below Whitecross.jpg
Photograph of a man standing at camp, in front of a cabin with a dog.

C.L. Coston of Durango.jpg
Photograph of a man in a hat standing on railroad tracks.

Climbers and View.jpg
Photograph of two unidentified climbers from the back, sitting on rock outcroppings and admiring the view of the valley below them and mountain range in the distance.

Descending South Helen Glacier.jpg
Photograph of Hermann Buhl using a rope to descend South Helen glacier.
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