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A man reclines against a rock near small structure in the alps

A cluster of stone buildings at the foot of a high mountain.

A view down a winter valley.

A photograph of the Exposition Universelle of 1900 in Paris. The Globe C_leste is visible on the left side of the frame and a portion of the Eifel tower is discernable through trees on the right. In the foreground are men and women milling around in…

A large domed structure with ornate fa

A large structure with a tower, domed ceiling and many arched windows. Men and women in the street in front.

A photograph of the Place de l'Op_ra in Paris with carriages, pedestrians and the Madeleine-Bastille omnibus.

A building with a dome in the center and two turrets on either side, photographed from a river or canal

The Western face of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France photographed from the South bank of the Siene. Many boats are pulled up along the bank of the river.

A structure with many arches and an ornate dome on the south bank of the Siene. The Eiffel tower is visible behind It and boats are in the river below it.
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