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Several men are setting up camp on the shore of the Colorado River, while others pull boats ashore and unload supplies. The shadow of the tripod camera and photographer are visible on the ground.
A woman stands looking at the suspension bridge to her left.
In the background is the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon
A sign behind her reads:
"Kaibab Suspension Bridge
Constructed 1921
Elev. 2500 FT.
Only one animal at a time permitted…
One man stands in the Colorado River, using surveying equipment. A second sits on a rock nearby.
Two men examine a large balanced rock which looms above them to their left.
A view of a segment of a canyon with two humans visible in the foreground.
A suspension bridge stretching over a river. The walls of the canyon in the background.
View from left bank at bridge site 3 miles below Paria River. Looking Downstream.
Four small boats are pulled up to the shore on the viewer's left of the Colorado River, the canyon walls rise all around.
A rock overhang in the canyon wall over a beach on the shore of the Colorado River. A man stands on a sand bar near a small boat.
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